Holiday Hours!

Here’s all the info you could possibly want to know about our upcoming holiday hours, events, sales, and whatever else I’ve put on the calendar.

  • November 25th – Thanksgiving 🦃
    • CLOSED
  • November 26th / 27th – Black Friday and Small Business Sunday 🖤
    • >Open normal hours. Come in and roll our Magic D20 to see what deal fate strikes!
  • November 28th – First night of Hanukkah
    • Open normal hours, just happy to celebrate!
  • November 29th – Cyber Monday 💻
    • >20% off for three months of curated Subscriptions for first time Subscribers!
  • December 3rd – Steve Lieber’s Office Hours Begin 🎨
    • Eisner Award-winning artist Steve Lieber will be here to review portfolios and help developing Comic Artists! He’ll be here the First Friday of each month, from 4 to 6pm.
  • December 4th – Last Day to… 🛒
    • …Special order books for US Shipping through us, with arrival by Christmas!*
  • December 13th – Last Day to… 🛍
    • …Order books for in-store pick up by Christmas!*
  • December 18th – Last Day to… 💌
    • …ship books through us to your people!*
  • December 24th – Christmas Eve 🎅
    • Store closes @ 6pm!
  • December 25th – Christmas 🎄
    • Store is closed!
  • December 31st – New Years Eve 🎆
    • Store closes @ 6pm!



🎨Everyone say hi to @stevelieberart, who misses con portfolio reviews so much that he’s going to be doing that the first Friday of every month, 4-6pm, right here at BwP. Come, ye aspiring comics professionals, and get helpfully critiqued!

🖤On Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, we’re gonna have a big ol’ d20 for you to roll and a little table of discounts, deals, and giveaways! We’ve got a BEAUTIFUL “Fungirl” poster, some “The Last Session”-themed things (including a polyhedral 7-set!!) (we are VERY hype for this comic), and who’s to say what else?

💻Cyber Monday’s sale is for *new subscribers only* — this means that yes, *you can get 20% off the first three months of a super sick present*. You KNOW you have a friend who wants to get more into comics but doesn’t have the gumption to go into a store and start a pullbox. Give them the gift of doing that for them, and they never have to leave the house except for game night again.

💌No but really, really really. We don’t control the mail. Dates provided are a guideline at best, please get your orders in/shopping done as early as possible.

🕙In case you forgot our regular hours: Mon-Tues 10am-6pm, Wed-Sun 10am-8pm.

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