Free Comic Book Day

FCBD Is a yearly event, held the first saturday in may!

Free Comic Book Day is always right around the corner! This year we are pulling out all of the stops, so make sure you come on down to Books with Pictures on Saturday, May 6th! Grab some free comics, hit up the Short Box food carts, Check out the amazing Queer Makers market we’ll have on Orange Avenue, and more! Way WAY more. Seriously, scroll down and check out all the other cool stuff we’re doing!

Just in it for the comics? We get it! Click here to check out’s official catalogue of the comics that are up for grabs this year. BwP will not have every single comic listed, and supplies are limited, so keep that in mind before getting your hearts dead set on anything!

Comics are available for all ages, Teens, and Mature audiences, so everyone is welcome to come in and get some swag! Maybe even have a browse at everything else we have to offer while you’re here! 😉

FCBD 2023 Schedule!

Are you someone who wants to volunteer for FCBD? Then look no further!

2023 FCBD Volunteer positions are FULL! If you’re interested in helping out please check back next year or get in touch to see if there are any other events going on to help with. Thanks so much for your interest!


Books with Pictures is excited to have some AMAZING Guests this year!

Becky Cloonan!

 Eisner Award-winning creator BECKY CLOONAN!! Y’know, from “Batgirls”, “The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys”, “Wonder Woman”, “Gotham Academy” — all the stuff you love? Yeah, THAT Becky Cloonan. Come have brunch with her in the garden.

Charlie Jane Anders!

Lambda, Nebula, and Locus Award-winning writer CHARLIE JANE ANDERS will be HERE, signing books and in conversation! Y’know, the rad writer of “New Mutants: Lethal Legion”? Co-creator of new fan fav Escapade? The coolest woman in the world, basically.


💬 COMICS TRIVIA in the garden with your favorite host, Eisner Award-winning comics scholar DOUGLAS WOLK!

💬 live tunes from everyone’s favorite returning musician COURAGE MUSIC!

💬 an amazing queer makers market, curated by @‌pdxqueermeetup!

💬 free comics, obviously!


💬 DANCE, DANCE: THE POP PUNK COSPLAY DANCE PARTY OF YOUR DREAMS!! The best emo playlist combined with the best cosplay (where are my scene kid mutants? my Gotham Academy students? my Knives Chaus??) jamming til 11pm in the garden. Grab your checkered Vans and studded belts!

? FAQ ?

Is this an outdoor event?
FCBD is being held both indoors and outdoors this year. Free Comics will have a dedicated line maintained by our dedicated volunteers that leads into the building! Should you wish to purchase anything while snagging your comics, the register will be ready to greet you on your way out.

The Queer Makers Market, Special Guest events, Comic Trivia, and Dance Dance will all be held outside, along orange avenue and in the garden. The street will be blocked off for this event.

Will there be shelter provided from the elements?
The line for free comics will keep along the building on Division St, which is shaded by our lovely awnings. The Makers Market vendors will all have their own tents as well. Due to the unpredictable nature of the weather in Portland, in May, and well. Every other part of the year- the rest is up to you!

What’s the deal with masks?
We will not be requiring masks outside, but we encourage everyone to mask up if they can. Any trips inside of the building will require a mask, including to collect your comics or use the bathroom. We will have masks at the door to provide, but being prepared and bringing your own is the mark of a hero!

Can we Cosplay?
ABSOLUTELY. You can, and absolutely should come visit us in your snazziest costumes!!!

Can I bring my dog?
Yes. Yes. 100x yes. Bring that pupper and get them a treat! All good behaved pups are welcome into BwP all 364 days of the year we’re open.

1401 SE Division St
Portland, OR 97202

(503) 841-6276

10:00 am – 6:00 pm
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