It’s true: we’re starting up regular events again! It’s happening!! 

We’re just seeing how this all goes — it’s been two years (TWO YEARS) — so things are likely to move around, change, swap, disappear, reappear, etc, but on the docket for right now we’ve got…


🌟 Steve Lieber’s Office Hours – The most consistent thing on our calendar in years. He’ll be in the shop critiquing sequential art portfolios! 4-6pm on the first Friday of the month.

🌸 Queer and Trans Youth Safe Space Hours – Less of a meetup and more of a specific time to come in and know you’re welcome! BwP is always queer and trans friendly, but these hours are specifically set aside for kids to come in, sit on the couch, find new books and be themselves! 3-5 Most Fridays.

🌸 Creators of Color Meetup! These meetups are specifically for local creators of color looking to connect with each other and create a community within the PNW comics landscape.

More Coming Soon!

Some events require an RSVP through Eventbrite. Click here to find your meetup and sign up! If you miss this month, try to slide in into the next one! We’ll try to have RSVPs open on the first of the month, so y’all can plan ahead.


🌱 ALL indoor events require masks in order to attend. If you forget yours, please ask for one! We’ve usually got some handy.

🌱 Outdoor events do NOT require masks unless stated in the event description, so READ CAREFULLY!

🌱 Youth meetups are available to folks under the age of 18.

🌱 All children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by a guardian — we’re delighted to provide a safe space, but we can’t babysit. We’re at work!

🌱 There will be events that have an attendee cap. We only have so much space indoors and are doing our best to keep everyone as safe as possible. In order to attend events like these, you MUST RSVP using the link provided and proof of vaccination is required. We’re sorry if you miss out on an event like this due to our current limited capacity!

1401 SE Division St
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(503) 841-6276

10:00 am – 6:00 pm
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