Kids Club

Welcome to Books With Pictures’ new Kids Club Program: your new best friend when it comes to shopping for your youths.

What is the Kids Club?

BwP’s Kids Club is an easy way to keep track of your kid’s graphic novel wish list! Just sign them up and get them to write their own personal list of comics and graphic novels they’d love to own and you’re done! Now we have that list on file and you, your partner, your family, and any other trusted friends can come in and ask, “Hey, what’s on my kid’s wish list?”

No more guessing interests needed! No more awkward gifts! And no more “I think they wanted this book that was blue, and had like, a… girl in it?”

And hey, maybe the books your kid picked are all just too dang good. Well I have great news! You can also buy them a gift card and apply it directly to their account! So they can come on in and get their favorite without having to worry about keeping any physical gift cards safe and sound.

Is there an age limit?

The Kids Club is a great program for your youths ages 6-18. Really as long as they’re reading!

How do I get started?

Once you get set up we’ll send you a confirmation email, and the next time you come into the shop we’ll have a nifty little card for you or your kid to hang on to.

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