As you may know, this edition had an extremely limited print run of only 7,000 copies. There are over 2,500 comics shops in North America alone, so you can imagine the clamoring on the back end of things. Books with Pictures was fortunate enough to receive 3 copies.

With that said, given that we have many more than 3 customers who put their names down for the JLA/Avengers reprint, we are unfortunately unable to supply any of our customers with the copies they requested. 


This sales of this edition benefit the Hero Initiative, a charity dedicated to helping comic book creators in crisis meet their needs by providing direct financial aid. George Pérez, the legendary artist behind JLA/Avengers, is a founding member of the Hero Initiative, as well as a recipient of the organization’s Lifetime Achievement Award. He’s also just a really, really nice guy, and the comics world was devastated when he revealed in December of last year that he had been diagnosed with Stage 3 pancreatic cancer. HI is reprinting this comic in his honor, and we’d like to help honor Pérez’s legacy as well — and we hope you want to, too.

We will be raffling off all three copies of the 2022 JLA/Avengers reprint. All of the money raised will go directly back to the Hero Initiative, so that comic book creators the world over have a stronger safety net when they need it.

Those who requested the book in advance have one entry each, and further or new entries are $5/each. This raffle will run from today, March 16, through Tuesday, March 29th. We will announce the winners on Wednesday, March 30th. 

Raffle tickets can be purchased here: https://books-with-pictures.myshopify.com/products/jla-avengers-raffle-ticket

This is the fairest way we could think of to both let y’all have a chance to get your hands on this incredible book, and to honor the legacy of George Pérez by raising as much money as possible for a charity providing an absolutely essential service for comic creators worldwide.

Thank you so much for your kindness, compassion, and understanding — and good luck!

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